Real Estate Services

Credit Counseling

We're an approved nonprofit organization offering credit repair counseling for first-time buyer's or buyer's who experienced previous hardships such as: a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sale, and unemployment.

Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation so we can learn more about your home buying needs.

Purchase Program

We understand that purchasing a home can be confusing. You'll work with our Florida licensed real estate broker to complete every milestone. We assist with budgets, credit, down payments, and securing a mortgage pre-approval. 

You can use any lender we have relationships with lenders that offer down payment assistance.

Closing the Deal

We'll work with you and your loan approval to select the perfect home and negotiate fair market value. Once you're under contract we ensure your home inspection and appraisals are completed in a timely fashion. 

We maintain communication with the title company to ensure a smooth and on-time closing.